NTC to focus on productivity

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has announced it will examine new ways to boost the productivity of Australia’s transport networks as part of its new work program.

The new NTC work program also identifies some longer-term reform directions identified in consultation with governments and industry, including:

[simple-check-list]exploring how Australia can best prepare for the introduction of autonomous road and rail vehicles[/simple-check-list] [simple-check-list]collecting better data about freight and passenger movements to inform future planning, investment and access decisions by governments, and[/simple-check-list] [simple-check-list]exploring how to collect better data about the impact of heavy vehicle driver fatigue and to better understand the costs of complying with regulation for the land transport industry.[/simple-check-list]

The NTC also released its Strategic Plan which outlines the broad priorities for the commission during the next three years.