Speed Restrictions on Monash Freeway

VicRoads is trialing a 90 km/h speed limit for trucks (over 4.5 tonnes) along a 10 kilometre section of the Monash Freeway, between Huntingdale Road in Mount Waverley and Jacksons Road in Noble Park.

The trial started 25 August and will run for 18 months

Why – the aim of the trial is to determine whether reducing the speed limit for trucks will improve road safety and reduce the number of crashes involving cars and trucks.

VicRoads chose the Monash Freeway for the trial because it is used by more than 200,000 cars and trucks each day and is one of Victoria’s busiest freight routes.

The road is a truck driver’s workplace. Whether you drive a car, truck or motorcycle, you share a common responsibility to ensure everyone’s workplace is safe and as hassle free as possible. When you’re in your car you’ll notice that reduced truck speed will improve your drive but you also have a responsibility to keep the road safe.

You should play your part to keep truck drivers safe by not driving in or changing lanes into the braking gap of a truck. Large trucks travelling at 100kmh need approximately 32 car lengths to safely stop

VicRoads has installed new speed limit signage on the trial section.  These signs clearly show the speed limit for cars and the speed limit for trucks.