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This Sub-Contractor Form will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Before starting the form please ensure you have information ready for the following areas.

  • Company Information
  • Transport Services
  • Vehicle Details
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Chain of Responsibility
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Driver Health, Drugs & Alcohol
  • Vehicle Mass
  • Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue
  • Dimension & Load Restraint
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Sub-Contractor Management
  • Monitoring & Reviewing
  • Compliance

Required Documentation

You will also need to supply supporting documentation to complete your application. Copies of this documentation must be emailed to However, you will need to reference data from some of this documentation when completing the form. Documents required include:

  • Certificate of Currency, Public Liability Insurance – minimum $5 million for any single accident or event
  • Certificate of Currency, Carriers Liability (Marine) Insurance – minimum $500,000 in respect of loss of or damage to freight
  • Certificate of Currency, Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance including third party property damage cover for a minimum sum of $5 million; for each vehicle used to perform the Services. This must include a dangerous goods extension for packaged goods.
  • Certificate of Currency, Tow Operator in Control Insurance Policy – minimum cover for a single trailer $90,000 and b double combination $180,000.
  • Certificate of Currency, Workcover Insurance
  • Copies of all NHVAS Accreditation

In addition, you will also need to email us a signed copy of our Confidentiality Deed which can be downloaded here. This must be signed and returned to us before we provide you with our rates schedule.

Please Note: Important

  • When emailing documentation please send from the email address used in this form to ensure your documentation is filed correctly in our online system.
  • We accept the following file formats: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .doc. Please ensure that your documentation is of a reasonable quality and legible.
  • Most email systems will not accept file sizes over 10 megabytes. If you’re total size of your files exceed this please send them in separate emails.
  • If you are having difficulty completing the form or sending through your documentation please contacts Chris Carrafa on (03) 5820 2417 or via email.
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