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As a leading transport operator, we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Sustainability is the capacity to endure, and in terms of the environment, it’s about making the best use of Earth’s finite natural resources.

As a transport company that operates trucks on the roads every day, we recognise environmental sustainability as our corporate social responsibility. As a result, we’re tackling it directly across all operations.

In practical terms, this means using better quality fuels, conducting routine vehicle maintenance and driving smarter, to optimise vehicle performance and fuel consumption.

But it also extends to our investment in modern EGR engine technology in new vehicles, which re-burns specific engine emissions, and our recently updated X15 Cummins engines which operate on AdBlue to reduce exhaust emissions.

In addition, we are committed to recycling used engine oils, tyres, mudguards, packaging and any steel or alloy waste with the assistance of external agencies.

We understand that we all play a part, act sustainably and think about the future!

To see how we’re making a difference, download our Environmental Policy.

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