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We understand product integrity must be maintained throughout the journey, all the way to your customer.

So not only do we invest in the best vehicles and trailer equipment, but we couple them with the latest in-cab technology to ensure our vehicles and your product are safe and secure throughout their journey with Fred’s interstate transport fleet.

This ensures your customers get a consistent product experience and upholds key brand values.

Learn more about Fred’s vehicle fleet and capabilities.

Vehicle Monitoring

Most of our vehicles are fitted with WABCO SmartBoards, which combine the functions of a wide range of trailer monitoring devices that previously had to be separately mounted into a single multi-functional system.

This provides us with ability to easily monitor vehicle condition in real-time to address potential issues that can lead to vehicle inefficiencies, breakdowns or accidents.

Compliance Systems

Many vehicles are also fitted with Transtech’s Sentinel in-cab compliance system, which allows us to track and monitor a range of key areas to ensure full compliance with transport regulations.

All vehicle data can be accessed in-cab or remotely via a cloud-based platform, for performance management and ongoing compliance checks.

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