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We provide interstate transport services to leading Australian businesses, ranging from food and beverage products to building materials.

Founded in 1978 by Fred Borg, the company started operations using owner drivers to transport clients’ products.

Not long after, Fred’s purchased its first vehicle, a Kenworth K125. Then as clients grew in size and number, Fred’s steadily expanded and invested in its fleet to meet demand.

Today, our fleet comprises 50 Kenworth prime movers with specialised b-double load restraint-compliant Sentinel trailer equipment.

Our national operations are managed by our efficient team in Shepparton (Victoria) and ably supported by staff at facilities in Sydney and Brisbane, giving us excellent coverage along the Eastern seaboard.

Founder Fred Borg takes delivery of several new Kenworth prime movers (circa 1978).

We understand that price is very important to our clients, but we also know that customer service, communication and compliance are equally important.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, flexible and efficient transport company, give us a call on (03) 5820 2400.

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