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We provide interstate freight services throughout the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.

Fred’s provide regular interstate FTL (full truck load) freight services throughout Eastern Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and many other key regional destinations. We also operate with Higher Mass Limits (HML) Victoria and South Australia.

Our company owns and operates more than 60 Kenworth vehicles, with specialised load restraint compliant Sentinel trailer equipment.

Learn more about Fred’s vehicle fleet and capabilities.

Key Transport Routes:

Ex Melbourne
> Melbourne to Sydney
> Melbourne to Brisbane
> Melbourne to Adelaide

Ex Sydney
> Sydney to Melbourne
> Sydney to Brisbane
> Sydney to Adelaide

Ex Brisbane
> Brisbane to Sydney
> Brisbane to Melbourne
> Brisbane to Adelaide

Ex Adelaide
> Adelaide to Melbourne
> Adelaide to Brisbane
> Adelaide to Sydney

Fred’s are registered with NHVR for CML/HML, Basic Fatigue Management (14 hour operation) and Maintenance Management.

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